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Wild Thang is proud to announce that we have been named one of Sourcing City’s Distributors of the Year for 2022.

What a perfect way to start the year! It is a great honor to be named as one of the winners of Sourcing City’s Distributors of the Year which adds to another Award received, the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Business of The Year Award in November making it a very special 2022.

We were all keen to start 2023 as we left 2022 and this is a brilliant start to what we are sure will be Wild Thang’s biggest & best.

The Sourcing City Awards are widely recognised in the industry for showing how well both Suppliers and Companies involved in the branded merchandise sector are regarded by each other, with both sides of the industry voting for the companies that really embody industry leading world class quality, service & integrity.

Being named as one of the Distributors of the Year is not easy and to do it you need a world class team and that is what we have here at Wild Thang, decades of expert experience across every department paired alongside a great team atmosphere at Wild Thang HQ with the whole team buying into the Wild Thang way it is the perfect recipe for success.

Andrew Dwerryhouse Wild Thang commented:

“This really is the perfect start to the New Year, to add this to the Liverpool Chamber Business Of The Year Award, even though 2022 was a challenging year it is simply wonderful, this really highlights all the hard work done by every team member across every department to deliver world class products and services over the past year.

“We really appreciate Sourcing City taking the time to hold the Awards and recognize us as one of the worthy winners, we are glad to have a great long-term partnership with the exceptional suppliers involved in our supply chain but also big thanks to our amazing clients we work with on a daily basis. We all know it’s about continuous improvement and pushing the boundaries so our world class sales team will be working harder than ever in 2023 to uphold our industry integrity & world class standards to make it our biggest and best year ever.”