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Big Help Project remains defiant with their message: Refugees are welcome in this city

Big Help Project stand against anyone voicing hate towards a group seeking protection and a place to prosper as human beings.

In response to the violent protests at the Suites Hotel last month, Big Help Project have launched a campaign to show their dedication to the support of refugees in Liverpool City region. The protests sparked a significant narrative of fear, and truly demonstrated the hatred that some refugees are being subjected to in our area.

In partnership with CitySafe and OpenMedia, who have kindly donated advertising space, Big Help Project have launched an initiative to improve community cohesion to combat this fear and hatred. Support from local politicians, such as Riverside MP Kim Johnson has also helped in mobilizing this campaign, and it was reassuring to hear the commitment of politicians in opposing this narrative that is harming refugees in our region.

As part of this, Big Help Project have secured a number of electronic billboards through which our strong message of solidarity is being spread, and through which it can be communicated to refugees across Liverpool and beyond that they are welcome, and that there is a strong and ongoing commitment to their wellbeing and safety. The billboards are located throughout the city region, in places like Aintree, Garston, and two prominent sites in the city centre (At Victoria Street and Liverpool Central station).

This particular campaign includes two Ukrainian children, Mark and Zlata, who have both come to Liverpool to flee the war in Ukraine. Zlata is 4 years old, and Mark is 2. Big Help Project is so proud to have worked with Ukrainian families weekly since the outbreak of war providing accommodation, welfare rights advice and companionship to our new friends fleeing war and persecution from Europe in 2023.