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Graduate talent is the future for SMEs to thrive

For this month’s guest blog, we spoke to Greg Hunter, Project Manager of the LCR Grad Scheme. 

Greg discusses the importance of recruiting graduate talent in stimulating the local economy, as well as the unique skill sets that graduates can bring to local businesses to help them achieve their objectives. 

Greg Hunter, Project Manager of the LCR Grad Scheme – a scheme that connects graduates in the Liverpool City Region with local SMEs – talks about why, now more than ever, it’s crucial for businesses to nuture the talent that sits right on their doorstep, to help grow and upscale their business.

What is the effect of recruiting graduate talent on the local economy?
“Seeing the city flourish is one of the main motivations behind LCR Grad Scheme. It’s what makes us tick. Without a doubt, recruiting home-grown talent is one of the most meaningful ways to invest in your community and promise a brighter future for the next generation. The streamlined access that businesses have to graduate talent can reposition city regions as powerhouses and ensure a healthy contribution to the local economy. Retaining talent is key to growth of any city and should be a priority in all businesses.”

What unique talents can graduates contribute to a business?
“The fresh perspective that local graduates bring to businesses is unmatched. They’re innovative and driven. Even in the face of unprecedented challenges, recent graduates have prospered. They’ve a built up a resilience and resolve which means not only are they fully equipped to take on challenges, they also know the importance of hard work and the benefits of securing a meaningful career for themselves.

How can employers effectively attract graduates?

“Employers that show their commitment to inclusiveness and values by their actions will have a much easier time recruiting a graduate workforce. Whilst it’s important to offer employee benefits and fair pay, what graduates really want is a place to feel belonging, and a place that they can be themselves in.

Graduates don’t want to standstill; they want to learn and excel. That’s why our work at LCR Grad Scheme has been so successful; we’ve been able to demonstrate to them the opportunity available right in front of them, supporting them to develop new skills and find their place and the employer that’s right for them.”

The LCR Grad Scheme are committed to giving local SMEs access to a talented workforce, and giving local graduates the opportunities they deserve. If you want to speak to the LCR Grad Scheme about graduate recruitment, you can contact the team at