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International Women’s Day

Dr Natalie Kenny, CEO, BioGrad

The last 12 months have been groundbreaking for BioGrad, not only in terms of new ventures and company growth, but also in no small part due to work that we have done to be an employer and a company of choice for females and female led businesses and organisations.

Opening the second largest Biobank in the UK, we will give all parents the chance to preserve their stem cells within the North West and the provision of non-invasive, prenatal testing and pregnancy testing, something which can be a real catalyst for female well-being for decades to come.

Employing a diverse workforce, wherever I look at BioGrad I see strong female role models, whether that be in our senior leadership team, our labs or in the classroom – we really are leading the way in innovation and inclusivity in the science and healthcare sector.

I am now looking forward to officially opening a new hub for the local community and a space for city region-based, female-led science and tech SMEs later this year and will continue to do all I can to support women throughout the North West and beyond.

Jacqui Johnson, Communications Director, Sutcliffe

14% of people working in construction and engineering are women…but if young girls and women knew just how varied, interesting and well-paid a career in our sector was, I have no doubt that these figures would rocket.

There is a huge skills gap in our sector and at Sutcliffe we are looking for young, hungry and impressionable men and women to become the next generation, who will build and design the schools, hospitals, homes and buildings of both today and tomorrow.

Having been in the industry for almost three decades, I have seen more women come into managerial, engineering and surveying roles in recent years and at Sutcliffe, we currently boast a workforce that includes many incredible women, as we hope to see these numbers grow even further in 2023 and beyond.