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The new AHFO academy for 10-15 year olds

Would your business like to sponsor a child to be put through the new AHFO academy for 10-15 year olds through an accredited course.

The course will cover:

• Health and Well Being
• Personal Development and Life Skills
• Community Action
• Childrens Choices

The ITOL accredited course is in 3 levels and will be taken over a 3 year period, we feel that creating a real positive outcome for the children that it is not a short term process and that it is consistency with them through-out their teenage years.

The cost per child is £90.25 per month this will support the child with AHFO education, food, and all activities. You will get to meet the child and will also be updated on their progress, your business sponsorship will also be shared on our Social Media platforms with over 30,000 followers, AHFO website and throughout the AHFO work spaces and empowerment hub. The course will also show your company is meeting their Corporate Social Responsibility and creating social impact.

AHFO has been supporting the city of Liverpool since 2014 as we are going into our 10th year we are so proud of getting AHFO course accredited as this will target so many factors that will support not only the child but the community the child lives in.

If you would like your business to support a child or get in touch then please get in touch with Gill on 07715311700 or email.