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Help SWACA to save lives!

SWACA, a registered Charity, is Sefton’s primary provider of specialist support to women, men and children / young people in Sefton living with, or affected by, domestic abuse. They are an extremely busy charity, with very significant demand for our support and increasing complexity and risk.

In order reach as many families within our local communities as possible, we need to increase staff capacity. Therefore, we are looking to employ a dedicated Fundraising Officer to increase resources.

We have worked in the Charity Sector in Merseyside for over 20 years now, and at SWACA for nearly 6 years, and we know from experience that many businesses have a social conscience and want to support local communities in Merseyside. SWACA has benefitted from this support previously.

We would like to put forward a proposal for 4 or 5 businesses in Merseyside to individually donate £4,000 each, through a corporate donation or through staff fundraising, to enable SWACA to fund a dedicated full time Fundraising Officer post for 6 months.

This would allow the postholder to identify funding to sustain their own post and to start generating additional funding for SWACA and play a pivotal role in strengthening front line delivery at a time of increasing high need.

We look forward to speaking to any businesses in Merseyside who would be interested in supporting this initiative, and my full contact details are below. SWACA would fully acknowledge any support through our website and social media, and other publicity related to the Fundraising Officer role.

Contact Neil Frackelton, Chief Executive, for more information. 07947 367511