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Inclusive Liverpool

Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of the Eurovision Song Contest, bringing countries from around the world together, to celebrate unity through music.

Inclusive Employers are delighted to be working alongside Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Growth Platform, National Museums Liverpool, St John’s Shopping and

Together we are offering a range of free resources to any business in Liverpool throughout the event, providing any leaders and customer-facing staff with the toolkit
they need to ensure a warm and inclusive welcome to guests.

Access your free Inclusive Customer Experiences Toolkit

Download expert inclusion packs on the following topics:

  • Intercultural Communication in Customer Service
  • LGBT+ Inclusion in Customer Service
  • Thinking about Accessibility for an Inclusive Experience
  • Equality Law and Customer Service
  • Access to 4 free webinars on inclusive customer service (hosted by Inclusive Employers)
  • Subscription to monthly ‘Inclusion Insights’ newsletter

For more information, visit their website here