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The eATA Carnet is Coming

Are You Ready for the eATA Carnet?

The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce (LCC) and its partner, boomerang carnets® UK, are ready for the digital eATA Carnet.

Presently, ATA Carnets are issued by LCC’s export documentation department exclusively as a paper document. There have been many phases of the eATA Carnet pilot project and testing programs headed by the International Chamber of Commerce in recent years. A digital milestone was reached in 2019 November, when the first ever electronic ATA Carnet was activated in Zurich in the initial pilot phase. It’s an exciting time for the ATA Carnet.

The ATA Carnet is an internationally accepted customs document for temporarily exporting merchandise, goods, or equipment (boomerang freight). The carnet allows for cross-border movement of those goods import-duty and -tax free in and out of 87+ carnet countries and territories for up to a year. Also known as the Merchandise Passport, the ATA Carnet is a unique international trade tool for accessing foreign markets more easily and affordably.

ATA Carnets are used by many sectors, including Manufacturing, Film and TV Production, News and Media, Music Tours, Construction, Automotive, Auction Houses, Medical Devices, Apparel, Security & Defense, Universities, Colleges and Schools, Jewelry, Unmanned Systems, Aviation, Sub- Sea, and many more.

One of the ATA Carnet’s greatest benefits is facilitating the clearance of goods through customs expediently. Though the digital eATA Carnet will come with a learning curve and period of adjustment, it will streamline clearing customs even faster than the current paper document does today.

Curt E.H. Wilson, Managing Director of boomerang carnets UK commented:

“The eATA Carnet will make the ATA Carnet process even more beneficial than it already is for temporary imports.”

To learn more about the benefits of ATA Carnets visit or call 0808 189 3400.