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Wild Thangs Expo 23 and HQ Building Launch a Resounding Success!

Wild Thang’s Expo 23 and Building launch was a moment our team have waited for since we decided to undertake our £2 Million development back in May 2019 to create a world-class HQ and manufacturing hub.

There were many delays and challenges to get to this point due to COVID, Brexit and economic uncertainty, so to be able to finally welcome some of our amazing clients and partners was a really special moment for everyone at Wild Thang.

Taking place on Thursday 20th and Friday the 21st of April with morning and afternoon sessions taking place the whole event was a massive success and our team couldn’t be happier with the outcome! The excitement in the air was palpable as over 200+ customers from 80+ different companies and organisation’s attended our event from across the UK & Ireland.

All attendees were welcomed with a hot drink of their choice from the very cool Land Rover Defender coffee truck, then prior to each session breakfast or lunch was served. A presentation was then delivered by Wild Thang MD Andrew Dwerryhouse & Commercial Director Sarah Howarth, they talked about our development journey, key updates on our world class products and services, marketing trend product insights, along with our new all-important sustainability pledge and our aspiration to drive further exiting growth at world class Wild Thang over the coming years.

This proceeded will a full building tour moving from department to department so individuals could see first-hand Wild Thang’s one world class solution. They also then had the chance to get inspired with a showcase of 1000’s of the latest & innovative products many of which were focused on sustainability, spread over 14 partner supplier tables making it a genuine world class festival of branded clothing, merchandise and print. On finishing the tour, customers collected their goodie bags from reception which was filled with many sustainable focused products.
Wild Thang is seeing some really positive signs of growth in our new financial year, and we are on track to make 2023 our biggest and best year in our history.

Andrew Dwerryhouse Wild Thang MD commented:

“We are thrilled that people from across the country and Ireland took time out of their busy schedules to visit Wild Thang HQ and see in person how our team works tirelessly to produce industry-leading standards in our world class HQ and manufacturing hub. The turnout was amazing, and we couldn’t have asked for a better response from our amazing clients.”

“It was an incredibly special moment that has been many years in the making by our team, this is actually probably an even bigger moment than winning last year’s Liverpool Chamber of Commerce ‘Business Of The Year Award’. I am so proud of everything our team has achieved, we have overcome so many obstacles and challenges to get to this point over the past 4-5 years, so to finally get this moment to showcase our world class HQ and manufacturing HQ was simply awesome.”

“This gave our fantastic clients the opportunity to meet our wider team, to showcase their very special world class talents across each and every dept from sales to the many manufacturing processes that we have all under one roof & the attendees loved meeting everyone and growing their technical knowledge for branding processes.”

“The presentation that Sarah and I delivered updated all visitors on why they should continue to trust Wild Thang to deliver our one world class solution and our aspiration to continue to invest and build on the progress we have made to become the very best industry leading company in our sector. This includes further investment of £250K in new equipment and solar panels that will mean we are putting more energy back into the grid than we use. Further to that we are also in the process of searching for further warehouse space in both the UK and USA over the coming year so we can further grow our world-wide logistics and distribution capability.”

“As a company Wild Thang are making ESG central to all our decision making going forward so it was another important moment to share our latest sustainability pledge that highlights our full commitment to become net zero by 2030, we know it is not going to be straightforward or easy but the whole team are committed to making it happen through a variety of means.”

“The goody bag that everyone took away on the day was filled with many sustainable merchandise options again highlighting that step by step we will offer more sustainable options wherever we can and also carbon offset through planting trees for our team and for every order placed with Wild Thang.”

“I’d like to say a really big thank you to everyone who attended and made our event such a success. We would also like to thank all our clients for being a continued part of our successful journey, with partnership and industry integrity at the heart of everything we do, I made reference to the classic song by Bryan Adams in my presentation by simply saying ‘Everything We Do We Do It For You’ !”

“You may or may not be aware that we were supported by the Princes Trust 27 years ago at the start of our business journey and we are now more excited than ever as a team and company. We are seeing positive growth so far this year, which is a great sign that all the teams hard work is paying off and on track financially to make 2023 Wild Thang Internationals biggest and best. We have already started planning our Expo 2024 which we intend to make even bigger and better – the world class Wild Thang Way.”