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ADL Health & Safety’s Essential Fire Door Inspection Course

The Fire Safety Regulations 2022 state that all communal fire doors must have frequent safety inspections.

The regulations highlight the real importance of fire doors, how they are an essential measure to prevent the spread of flames, smoke and toxic fumes in the instance a fire occurs.

Fire doors mean a fire can be compartmentalised, slowing down the spread of the fire from one area of a building to another, truly saving lives.

A standard fire door needs to meet the industry standards, meaning it must provide up to 30 minutes of protection and must be fitted with a self-closing device. This provides essential time for any evacuation plus protects the other areas within the building.

New regulations for fire doors include regulation 10. This stipulates that if the top storey of the building is above 11m in height (usually a building of more than four storeys) the Responsible Person must:

  • Check all flat entrance fire doors (including holding and self-closing devices) at least every 12 months.
  • Carry out visual checks of any fire doors (including holding and self-closing devices) in communal areas every 3 months.

Increased frequency of inspections will increase awareness, communication and ensure better safety management measures for residents.

At ADL Health & Safety, we offer a Fire Door Inspection Course which provides all the information required for anyone involved in fire door checks. Delegates will have an in depth understanding of the current regulations and the knowledge and skills to check fire doors thoroughly and correctly in workplaces and social housing.

Our course is fully accredited with assessment and provides books and certification plus fire door check templates.

It is a one-day duration course that provides a comprehensive workbook, checklists and IFSM certification, knowledge is tested via a multiple-choice exam.

We are flexible, offering our courses virtually or in person at your workplace or a nearby location.

We have spaces available on our courses running on:

  • 15th June
  • 7th July
  • 21st July

Places are limited so book your space today to avoid disappointment at

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