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Big Help Project close volunteer week with the grand opening of their Roby Community Centre

On the 7th June, Big Help Project held the grand opening of their Community Centre in Roby, inaugurated afterwards by their volunteer week celebration.

An afternoon tea event for all those volunteering across Big Help, joining thousands of charities nationwide to afford well-deserved recognition to the incredible volunteers that are so vital to work done in the charity sector in alignment with 2023’s theme of
‘Celebrate and Inspire’.

Prior to its official opening, the centre was used on Wednesday morning for the first yoga taster session from Yoga Nation. With wellbeing such a significant component of Big Help, the use of Roby Community Centre as a hub for a host of wellbeing activities is incredibly fitting. A future events timetable is to be distributed also. The afternoon began with Roby Community Centre’s grand opening where the ribbon was officially cut by Big Help Patron, The Honourable Edward Stanley, and attended by Councillors Graham Morgan – leader of Knowsley Council -, Colin Dever, Christine Bannon, Margaret Harvey, and Kevin Bannon.

As an organization with upwards of 100 volunteers having been a part of Big Help over the years, their contribution is foundational to what makes our charity the success that it is, and it is demonstrated in a number of different ways. From our volunteer-run food banks and clubs, to our work through The Drive, there are many components of Big Help through which volunteers create and provide support and a sense of community for those working with and using our services. Ensuring that we take the time to truly show our appreciation for these volunteers and their contributions to our community, the voluntary sector, and their role in facilitating a supportive society is vital.

To celebrate, our volunteer week event consisted of an afternoon tea to thank our volunteers, held at our new Roby Community Centre on the 7th June from 3-6pm. This was free of charge and included a buffet and entertainment for the afternoon.