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BTP officer awarded for his efforts to make the railway an even safer place

A “highly respected” BTP liaison officer has been bestowed a ‘Partnership Working’ award for his outstanding work with TransPennine Express (TPE).

Sergeant Steve O’Callaghan, 41, who has been a serving police officer for nearly 20 years, has been recognised for his collaborative efforts and need to deliver a holistic approach to tackling crime and increasing community engagement.

Sgt O’Callaghan said:

“It’s an honour to receive this award and the many months of hard effort to help keep the network as safe as possible be recognised.

“From joint revenue protection operations to helping over 750 colleagues receive safeguarding training – it’s been a busy year!”

Steve has worked closely with TPE to identify areas of concern and develop effective strategies to address them, which led to TPE being awarded the prestigious Safeguarding on Rail Accreditation earlier this year.

Steve added:

“There are lots of exciting projects in the pipelines including the multi-agency Community Hub that is set to open in Hull later this year.

“My passion lies in partnership work and spending time out and about on the network. If you see me whilst travelling, feel free to say hi and stop for a chat.”

Steve has been a BTP liaison officer at TPE for just under a year and plays a pivotal role in helping TPE with its day-to-day and special operations.

Kathryn O’Brien, Customers Service and Operations Director at TPE, said:

“Steve has been instrumental in forging a strong partnership between the BTP and TPE, which has helped to improve safety and security on the railway.

“His dedication and professionalism have been an inspiration to all, and he is truly deserving of this award.”

Billy Vickers, Head of Safeguarding and Station at TPE, said:

“Steve is highly respected within TPE and in a short time has made a massive change.

“He has spearheaded several projects and continues to make a positive impact on both customers and colleagues.”

BTP Inspector Iain Mclaren, said:

“Our embedded officers who work with industry partners are integral to understanding what they need from us and how we can best deliver.

“This recognition of Sgt O’Callaghan’s efforts is testament to the importance of the role and to Steve’s commitment to delivering innovative new projects that make the railway a safe place for everyone.”