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Compass Corporate Sponsorship

In 1978 Compass saw the need for accessible, affordable counselling services and through campaigning, hard work and determination set up Compass to provide high quality, professional counselling support and training. We are proud to be part of this innovative service.

Each year we process over 350 referrals, these are sent to us due to the complexity of the person’s presenting issues and as a result we are a highly valued but unpaid provider in Merseyside. By providing counselling and psychotherapy for people with complex needs, we make a significant contribution to the pathway of mental health service provision.

We do not receive statatury funding, and are looking for business sponsorship to help us grow and help more people.


If you sponsor Compass for £250 we will include your company logo on our website supporters section, as well as a specific thank you on our social media channels, Twitter and Instagram. You are welcome to include our Compass logo if you wish on your website to confirm that you have sponsored us.

If you wish to sponsor £500 or more, we will write a thank you post specifically to you in our News section.


Client A: Thank you so much for helping me through the hardest times, you’ve helped me realise that it’s not my fault and that and I can see the world differently, I’ve never been so positive about things as I am now. This is because of what we have done together. Thank you.

Client B: I found the therapy sessions useful which have helped to develop more awareness of what I am feeling and how to change thought patterns and behaviours. The therapist showed empathy and understanding throughout the sessions which helped me to also drop my barrier.

Client C: Compass has provided a fantastic service. It has been easy to communicate with the counsellor and the admin team. I’m so appreciative of the service and would highly recommend it.

Once you have made a donation, please email your company logo to to include on our website/ social media.