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Compass Counselling – A Merseyside based Charity

Jenna’s story

Compass has a special place in my heart.

10 years ago, whilst I was doing my PhD I started to struggle with severe depression and anxiety. The darkness had completely taken over. Every day was a struggle. I didn’t know how to cope with the world anymore. I felt like I was drowning, going further and further into blackness.

As I sat in my GP room one day sobbing once again, she told me about Compass. I said I couldn’t afford private therapy as I was currently not earning anything. She told me I only had to pay what I could afford.
Compass was crucial to starting me on my journey to recovery.

Many years later I was offered an opportunity to volunteer and I jumped at the chance to be able to help the charity that had helped me.

I got to see from the inside the dedication and passion everyone at Compass has for helping people.

This charity provides vital , life changing support for so many people who are struggling and who need this service more than ever.

Post pandemic, funding is more difficult to access and , like many others, Compass needs to raise funds in many different ways.

I am asking you to donate as much as you can afford to help Compass and to share this important message.
If you work for or own a business please also share the opportunity to sponsor the Charity to help them to continue to support more vulnerable people on Merseyside.

Donate today