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ESG Health Check – 40% OFF Summer Offer

Start your ESG journey with award-winning staff training and engagement from Be Ethical. Discover your current ESG position, gather in-house volunteers and define a reporting roadmap to steer your business towards broader accountability and better reporting.


If you aim to be in business long-term, now is the time to take ESG seriously.

Reporting your ESG outcomes is vital in informing your stakeholders about how stable your business is for the future.

“For us, ESG isn’t a tick-box exercise. When a business uses an ESG approach across its operations, its culture will also adapt, supporting behaviours that will increase staff engagement and loyalty, boost recruitment, attract and retain customers, and reduce consumption – making and saving you money. And by formalising and structuring your reporting in this way, you will also increase the overall impact you can have on society and the planet.” – Heather de Groot, Co-Founder & Director, Be Ethical.”

Caroline Swailes, Co-Founder & Director, Be Ethical adds…

“And we should never underestimate our contribution as SMEs. There are 5.5 million in the UK, employing over 16 million people. Together we can make a significant difference when we engage our workforce to consider their behaviours in and outside the workplace. But we must get started, and engaging your staff to capture your current position is a great place to begin”.

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Who are Be Ethical?

Caroline and Heather have 30+ years combined experience in responsible business and employee engagement practices and met whilst working for the family-owned Liverpool business, Bibby Line Group. Here, they learnt the value of engaging and empowering the workforce to champion and share the company’s ESG commitments to embed a culture of responsibility owned by all. In 2020 they founded Be Ethical Training Ltd to take this approach to SMEs.

Recently Be Ethical won the Disrupting Markets Award at the Good Small Business Awards – national recognition for their efforts to take ESG out of the Board Room and direct to the workforce.

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