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Knowing MORE, matters

With so much to enjoy in life, protecting your future health is crucial, but keeping track of your health isn’t always easy to do.

Faced with time pressures across a busy work and social life, it can become all too easy to let your health slide. Randox Health are passionate about empowering others to take control of their health and truly understand what is going on with their body.

The Everyman | Everywoman full body health check is designed to deliver unrivalled insights into current health and future health risks, empowering you to take action to help prevent future illness. Over 150 data points relating to key health areas are measured from a simple blood sample, and a comprehensive health report explaining key findings is provided. Full repeat testing is included 6 months later to help see your progress and identify areas for further improvement.

David Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer, says:

‘Over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic change in people’s behaviours as they seek to understand their health and wellbeing better. At Randox Health, we provide a range of specialised health packages that enable you to take control of your health. Our innovative diagnostic technologies can deliver hundreds of results to give you a comprehensive overview of your health and help detect the earliest signs of illness.’

Harnessing Randox Health’s patented technology, the elite Signature package uses more than 350 data points to map potential risks to your health with regards to thousands of conditions. The cutting-edge health check draws on advanced testing including tumour associated markers, autoimmune conditions, and genetic testing for inherited conditions to provide you with a detailed insight into your health. Remote consultations with a private GP are included to help you understand your results, provide expert advice and next steps.

A range of specialised health checks are also available in-clinic to provide an understanding on a range of specific health concerns including hormone, gut, sexual health, and sports performance.

Liverpool Chamber members can avail of an exclusive 12% off all in-clinic health checks using code LCOC at

Get in touch for more information on our corporate health packages, available in-clinic and at your preferred location.