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All Regions Look to Liverpool for ATA Carnets

ATA Carnets are an effective cost-saving, timesaving, way to grow your business. Expert knowledge provided by the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and its partner boomerang carnetsĀ® UK is sought by a wide variety of business sectors throughout the twelve regions of the United Kingdom

They represent engineers, artists, service providers, contractors, musicians, scientific researchers, athletes, tech programmers, shoe merchants, plus more. All are looking to expand across international borders with the use of ATA Carnets.

The ATA Carnet is an internationally accepted customs document for temporarily exported merchandise, goods, or equipment (boomerang freight) that allows for the cross-border movement of goods import-duty and -tax free in and out of 87+ carnet countries and territories for up to a year. Also known as the Merchandise Passport, the ATA Carnet is a unique international trade tool for accessing foreign markets easily and affordably.

Your location is no barrier to the customer experience you desire. From Scotland to Wales, to East Midlands, to the South West & East, and London, businesses in ALL regions seek out the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and its partner boomerang carnets UK for expert knowledge, easy online application, and expedient delivery options, including SAME DAY CARNET service. Top sectors taking advantage of ATA Carnets recently include Aerospace, Auto-Racing, Art, Energy, Equestrian, Film & TV Production, Music Tours, Education, Sports, Photography, Tool Rental, Video Game Publishing, 3-D Engineering, Recycling, Textile Refurbishing, and more.

To get started and learn more, go to or call 0808 189 3400 and ask how ATA Carnet usage can assist with your expansion and growth.