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University of Liverpool Entrepreneurs Designing Their Future Through Innovative Programme

The University of Liverpool is paving the way for aspiring entrepreneurs to shape their destinies through the award winning 10-week business development programme, Design Your Future.

This unique initiative not only empowers students and graduates to transform their ideas into reality but also equips them with the skills and resources required to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

At the heart of the programme lies a journey from concept to a Minimum Viable Product and culminating in a compelling final pitch. This comprehensive approach ensures that participants not only conceptualize innovative ideas but also learn to refine and present them in a compelling manner, a critical skill in the entrepreneurial world.

What sets the programme apart is its holistic support system, participants are provided access to a plethora of showcasing opportunities, competitions, and crucially, funding avenues. This not only fosters healthy competition among participants but also fuels the momentum needed to turn entrepreneurial dreams into tangible ventures.

The programme lies in its emphasis on collaboration, partnering with a wide range of Liverpool City Region SMEs to facilitate expert knowledge exchange. This collaboration brings seasoned industry experts into direct contact with budding entrepreneurs, offering them valuable insights and guidance that can prove to be the difference between success and failure.

Mentorship forms another pivotal aspect of the programme. The close interaction between seasoned professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs nurtures a culture of learning, growth, and adaptability. These mentors provide a steady guiding hand, helping participants navigate challenges, refine their strategies, and ultimately realize their visions.

However, the most powerful aspect of this programme is the emphasis on community building. We recognise the importance of a strong support network for entrepreneurs. By fostering a peer-to-peer support ecosystem, participants can draw inspiration, share experiences, and overcome hurdles together. This communal spirit not only bolsters individual confidence but also nurtures a thriving environment where entrepreneurs can flourish collectively. We expanded the programme this year, including students from Liverpool John Moores University participating in the LCR Founders Project to encourage and support collaboration and cofounding within the LCR.