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Everton in the Community Launches

Everton in the Community has today launched Trinity Project, an ambitious five-year strategic plan which sets out the charity’s bold vision to create stronger communities and brighter futures for Liverpool City Region.

The official charity of Everton Football Club unveiled its new strategy to a wide array of key stakeholders at a breakfast briefing event at Goodison Park and introduced attendees to EitC Learns, EitC Minds and EitC Thrives; three powerful pillars which will form the Trinity Project, each designed to create lasting impact and bring positive change to the communities it serves.

Since 1988, Everton in the Community has become a dynamic force for good, harnessing the unifying power of football to drive social change and addressing societal challenges across Liverpool City Region. Supported by a team of over 130 full-time staff and over 200 volunteers, the independently governed and independently financed charity offers an extensive array of more than 60 programmes and initiatives that tackle a diverse range of social issues. These programmes cover areas such as health, employability, anti-social behaviour, crime, exploitation, education, dementia, and disability.

Everton in the Community stands firmly beside the most at-risk and most in need members of its local communities, but the needs of the city are ever-growing and ever-evolving and so the charity has introduced the Trinity Project to bring transformational change to Liverpool 4 and beyond and will work to nurture confidence in others by creating opportunities that can profoundly change lives.

Liverpool is battling some of the UK’s highest levels of poor mental health and the lifespan of mental health service users across the city are cut short by 20 years compared to the rest of the country whilst more than 15,000 people across Merseyside are currently living with dementia. Through its new Minds pillar, Everton in the Community is committed to significantly improving the quality of life for Liverpool residents living with dementia through a range of innovative programmes and initiatives whilst creating a comprehensive offer that guarantees quick access to high quality mental health support so everyone in the community receives the help they need.

Underneath its new Learns pillar, the charity is dedicated to removing barriers and widening the pathway to education for people of all ages and ensuring that each and every individual has the chance to learn and grow. In parts of Liverpool, many children are well below the city average in achieving their Early Learning Goals; young people across Liverpool City Region are being left behind and spend their lives struggling to catch-up. Areas of Merseyside are more than 10% below the national average at GCSE level, and among adults, almost a third of the working-age population in parts of North Liverpool have no formal qualifications, impacting those seeking work and fulfilment.

Through Learns, Everton in the Community will support children at every step of their educational journey, empowering young people to choose their own career paths and equip adults with the necessary skills to thrive in future workplaces, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow.

Thrives, the third pillar to make up the newly launched Trinity Project, will see the charitable arm of Everton Football Club empower individuals to reach their full potential through an array of programmes that harness the power of football, life skills and bespoke support.

The cost-of-living crisis is causing an increasing number of families across Liverpool to fall into poverty. Nearly a quarter of local children come from low-income households and youth homelessness has reached record levels across the UK whilst one in four Liverpool citizens have a disability and are facing barriers within sports, education, employment and social participation.

Thrives will provide comprehensive life course support within Liverpool 4 and beyond and work to inspire and empower young people and adults to pursue positive change, live healthier lives and transition from surviving to thriving.

Everton in the Community Chief Executive Officer Sue Gregory said:

“We are incredibly proud that our work and programmes have been delivering positive changes to thousands of people within our communities for more than 35 years but every day we are faced with the ever-growing challenges and inequalities that our city is battling. We have an ability and a responsibility to make a difference and the time to act is now.

“With the implementation of our new Trinity Project strategic plan, we will wage a relentless battle against poverty, inequality and health disparities and pave the way for a brighter future by empowering thousands of residents to achieve meaningful work, better health, enriched lives and lifelong learning.

“With the support of like-minded people and partners, we are committed to making a lasting legacy in the places where we live, work and play and will ensure that everyone has access to the support they need to be the best they can be, regardless of who they are, where they live or the challenges they face.”

To find out more about Trinity Project and the different ways you can support Everton in the Community in creating stronger communities and brighter future visit www.evertoninthecommunity/trinityproject