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Sefton Park Palm House Preferred Suppliers Unite to Create a Spectacular Multi-Cultural Wedding Photoshoot

In a dazzling display of creativity and collaboration, all the preferred suppliers for Sefton Park Palm House have joined forces to craft a vibrant multi-cultural wedding photoshoot that showcases the seamless fusion of their creative talents. This project brings together a diverse group of wedding professionals to create something truly amazing.

Booker Flowers and Gifts spearheaded this unique endeavour.

Led by Mia, from Booker Flowers and Gifts, who organized the photoshoot and provided exquisite floral arrangements. Gemma, the owner, and her team of expert florists lovingly handcrafted each floral element, ensuring that every detail aligned perfectly with the couple’s vision.

In a heart-warming twist, Jai and Emily, a real couple, were chosen for the pre-wedding photoshoot that brought together all their wedding suppliers.

In a tale that began with a swipe right, Emily and Jai found love on the online app Hinge, defying the conventional narrative of serendipitous encounters. While Jai playfully insists, they met by reaching for the same coffee cup at a coffee shop, the truth of their modern romance sparkled through their online connection. Their first date at Manchester’s Bar Hold Fast, complete with Donkey Kong and Mario Kart battles, set the stage for a love story that would lead them to the enchanting Sefton Park Palm House.

Having proposed in the breath-taking Gal├ípagos Islands in 2022, Emily and Jai chose the Palm House as the backdrop for their wedding, captivated by its resemblance to the place where their love story took a significant turn. Emily had previously attended a friend’s wedding at the Palm House, and the memories of its beauty lingered, making it the only choice for their special day.

Choosing the right florist was a crucial decision, and Booker Flowers stole their hearts. Mia, from Booker Flowers, wove her floral magic during an opening evening at the Palm House, and Fleur’s warm and helpful demeanour sealed the deal during a consultation. The tropical and wildflower theme came to life through vibrant colours, a nod to the couple’s rich cultural backgrounds – Jai’s South Asian heritage and Emily’s traditional English roots.

Zazevents adorned the mandap and brass lanterns with the help of Booker wedding who provided the vibrant orange floral garlands, creating a mesmerizing fusion of cultures. Birdie Photobooth’s Campervan became a canvas for creativity, decorated with lush floral arrangements and a touch of brass elegance. Mamaincstudios’ welcome sign and backdrops, coupled with Elizabeth Harris Cakes’ artistry, transformed the space into a tropical paradise.

The couple embraced their diverse heritage with two dress changes. Flamingo Boulevard Bridal provided Emily’s traditional English attire, while Groom Hire Liverpool tailored a stunning three-piece grey checked suit for Jai. For their South Asian attire, Imani Studios and Imani and Co. dazzled with bejewelled ensembles, complemented by intricate floral designs and vibrant garlands.

Jeanetteflynnmakeupartist and hairby kathleen created two distinct looks, embracing both cultures. The Palm House was transformed into an ethereal haven with a dining table adorned with tropical blooms, crafted by Zazevents, and exquisite stationary from Mamaincstudios.

Faircloughstudios immortalized every moment, capturing the essence of a love story that defied conventions and celebrated diversity. The magical day would not have been possible without the contributions of all suppliers: