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Time to try a healthier and more productive way to do business?

Andrea Edwards and Mark Waldron explain how getting involved in MOVE Netwalking events can offer significant benefits for both individuals and businesses, offering a holistic approach to enhancing individual and business performance by promoting physical activity, connection with nature, open communication, resilience, and innovative thinking.

After more than four years of running MOVE Netwalking events, we have seen at first hand the benefits of physical activity to improve physical and mental health and well-being and why it is an obvious choice for businesses of all types and sizes to get involved in.

Most businesses face the same challenges which usually relate to selling products and services, having staff that are motivated and engaged as well including supporting their health and wellbeing. Improving all these factors helps create workforces that get better results and have happier people.

We have found that our MOVE Netwalking events really help with all these challenges.
The obvious benefit of is getting the steps in; on average it’s 10,000 steps of a Saturday and Sunday morning during our weekend events, and what a feeling to have achieved this by 8.30am. Alongside the great conversations, you get set up physically and mentally for the day a head. During our Wednesday evening event, attendees walk around 6000 steps; and what a way to close the day, allowing the mind to feel clearer.

This helps people get out of the house walking, getting a little fitter and healthier and all the while, doing so in nature. And the nature element has a massive benefit. Human beings are meant to be in and around nature daily, however, many of us leave the house to commute to work, then commute back, with no time in nature.

As times have changed over the last few years, more and more people are working from home and often not leaving the house at all. This causes mental health issues from loneliness to becoming withdrawn and isolated. Netwalking changes that and gives a place to chat about any subject, share a worry and talking the formal setting away. Being vulnerable and sharing concerns is easier too as the conversations flow without the formality.

How you dress for Netwalking also changes dynamics; shorts, t-shirts, jeans or wrapped in more layers in the colder months. The casual nature breaks down barriers.

The thing about being outdoors, especially here in the UK, is that the weather isn’t our best friend. Or is it?

You see, when the weather report says it is going to be cold, windy or raining (or all 3!), people are often put off and stay indoors.

Not with MOVE Netwalking; most of our attendees come regardless of the weather conditions, and that’s where the benefit is – it creates physical and mental resilience. Alongside amazing sunrises and sunsets, it sets the scene within our minds, without a doubt, unconsciously helping us make decisions, whether it be personal or business, the ‘great outdoors’ opens our minds to see things differently.

These days, the mental and physical wellbeing of people is being challenged, yet, through the basic act of getting outdoors, walking in any weather, we’re helping to create strong people.

What about business though?

That’s what we started Netwalking for – to help business owners and professionals connect in a different environment to usual. It’s allowing them to come together to walk and talk, get to know each other in a casual and natural environment, helping each other and sharing their challenges and successes.

The big benefits we’ve seen from this approach is that everyone eventually starts to get new business opportunities. They also come away with new ideas for their businesses or within their job at the companies they work at.

One of the more powerful outcomes from our events have been how people pick up new ideas and ways to make their businesses better by simply getting viewpoints and suggestions from people outside of their industries.

Having outside perspectives in business is what really helps with innovation and improvements.

Due to the casual nature of Netwalking and the fact that the attendees are all facing and walking in the same direction, there is a different dynamic to a traditional setting such as in an office where we often face each other or sit around a boardroom table or behind a computer.

The feedback is that people feel like they’re not in ‘work mode’ due to being out of the office/work environment. They say that this then enables them to think on a new level and with a more open mind, allowing for more clarity.

If you want to consider a new way to do business get in touch – whatever the weather! Find out more at