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TPE shines a spotlight on loneliness this World Mental Health Day

TransPennine Express (TPE) has teamed up with Campaign to End Loneliness (CEL) and author Max Dickins to discuss loneliness this World Mental Health Day (WMHD).

New analysis of Office for National Statistics data shows that the number of people who are chronically lonely has risen to 3.83 million – half a million more than in the first year of the pandemic when 3.24 million people were chronically lonely.

TPE has issued a video featuring Robin Hewings, Director of the Campaign to End Loneliness and the author himself, Max Dickins, discussing Max’s latest book ‘Billy No-Mates: How I Realised Men Have a Friendship Problem’ and the feelings of loneliness that so many people currently face.

When asked about his inspiration behind the book, Max said:

“Billy No Mates was written in response to me realising I didn’t have anyone to call my best man when I proposed to my fiancé.

“I quickly learnt that I wasn’t the only man struggling with friendships. For decades, countless studies from across the globe have confirmed that men have fewer close friends than women.”

Darren Higgins, Commercial Director at TPE, said:

“As part of our ongoing partnership with the Campaign to End Loneliness we are always looking for ways in which we can help our customers and colleagues make meaningful connections.

“We were really inspired by Max’s story which encourages men to open up about their struggles with friendships.

“I’m hoping customers and colleagues alike take the opportunity to listen to Max’s story, and learn more about loneliness and how to tackle it.”

Robin Hewings, Director of the Campaign to End Loneliness, said:

“We’re really excited to be involved in this collaboration and are very pleased that Max himself has been so open and honest about his own struggles.

“We have a long-running partnership with TPE and often collaborate on coffee mornings and initiatives such as ‘chatty benches’ to customers to learn more about how to develop connections and avoid loneliness.

“From my first conversation with Max – while he was writing the book – I recognised his extraordinary ability to get people talking and encourage men specifically to take the initiative in nurturing their friendships and being more open.

“Billy No-Mates: How I Realised Men Have a Friendship Problem is funny, heart-warming and highlights a topic that is heavily underdiscussed.”

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