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Auditel achieve ISO 14064-1 verification – Making environmental claims add up

Auditel, the cost, procurement and carbon solutions company, are proud to announce that they have passed a significant milestone in their journey to achieving Carbon Neutrality and their longer term target of reaching Net Zero by 2050.

Chris Aston, Managing Director, comments,

“It has been a pleasure working with NQA to help Auditel achieve ISO 14064-1 verification. This internationally recognised standard provides a robust framework at organisational level for calculating and reporting on greenhouse gas emissions and removals. Too often we see carbon disclosure claims being made by organisations without the evidence or substantiation needed to avoid green washing claims. Our Carbon Footprint in the period 2022, across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions has been calculated and now independently verified to ISO 14064-1 by NQA as being 75.8747 tCO2e.

We are now ready to take the next step over the next few months to achieve PAS 2060. This standard specifies the requirements to be met by any organisation seeking to demonstrate Carbon Neutrality through the quantification, reduction and offsetting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Being one of the first organisations in the UK to achieve this standard is fundamental to Auditel’s environmental strategy. Demonstrating to our clients, suppliers and partners that we are committed to decarbonisation by practicing what we preach. Showing them how they too can reduce their emissions and be able to make a meaningful difference. Time for action is now and we all have to reduce the impact we are having on our planet before it’s too late.”

NQA shares its congratulations with Auditel on their recent success with ISO 14064-1 verification. Amber Dixon, Sustainability Assurance Manager, for NQA comments,

“It is a fantastic achievement and a significant step in taking accountability and action on their carbon footprint. It continues to be a pleasure working with Auditel as part of NQA’s Associate Partner Programme, seeing how they have initiated the same journey for themselves that they are supporting their clients with.”

NQA Lead Verifier for the verification, Clare Braham, adds:

“I conducted the pre-verification and the verification for Auditel’s GHG Inventory. Auditel’s specialist team had all the documentation ready and issued before the pre-verification date, including the GHG report, GHG inventory and most importantly, the GHG source documents (i.e. invoices, contractor details, etc). They explained clearly and precisely how they had completed the calculation and estimations, which led to a smooth and thorough verification process with no idle time. Auditel were highly prepared and therefore allowed me to prepare in advance, making the verification experience with Auditel a pleasure to deal with.”

Amber continues,

“Alongside their ISO 14064-1 verification, Auditel will continue next with PAS 2060 verification to solidify their responsible position further. We look forward to continuing working with Auditel in the future.”

To find out more, or to discuss your organisations net zero journey, please contact Paul Harper at or on 0151 332 3645.