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Empowering Futures: £4.5million Collaboration to Elevate Skills and Opportunities in Liverpool City Region

Six colleges in the Liverpool City Region have been awarded funding from the Government’s £165million Local Skills Improvement Fund (LSIF) to help address the rapidly evolving skills needs of the region’s workforce. The collaboration of colleges have successfully secured a total of £4.5million.

The investment will be allocated across six unique projects that align with the priorities of the Liverpool City Region Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) launched in June 2023.

The projects are centered on developing a curriculum related to green skills, including electric/hybrid vehicles, hydrogen infrastructure and renewable energy, and digital skills.

The six colleges, Hugh Baird College, The City of Liverpool College, Riverside College, Wirral Met College, Southport College and St Helens College, will collaborate and lead a project each.

These include:
• Talent Bank and Career Pathways
• Green Technologies and Digitalisation
• New Skills for Net Zero
• New Pathways to Learning
• Freeport Skills Academy
• Building Employer Partnerships

Rachael Hennigan, Principal and Chief Executive of Hugh Baird College, said:

“This funding allocation is the culmination of a truly collaborative partnership across the Further Education sector in the Liverpool City Region. Together, we are committed to ensuring employers and industry have access to a resilient workforce fully prepared for the skills changes taking place now and in the future.

The Talent Bank project, led by Hugh Baird College, will focus on ensuring a greater clarity and understanding of skills and career opportunities available in the region, particularly those aligned with LSIP priority job roles. This effort will be supported through the development of a range of engaging promotional materials and content.

The project will culminate with the development of tailored programmes to provide pupils and post-16 students with the necessary workplace skills and behaviours to support their direct transition into employment where the need is most critical.

Sonia Stirling, Deputy Principal at Hugh Baird College, said:

“At Hugh Baird College, we are excited to launch the Talent Bank and Career Pathways project, a visionary approach to bridging the gap between the talent of students and the dynamic needs of the Liverpool City Region’s employers.”

“This initiative represents our commitment to enhancing workforce readiness and fostering a deeper collaboration between education providers, businesses, and the community. We believe that through this project, alongside the five other projects, together we will be able to help unlock the full potential of our future workforce and contribute significantly to our region’s economic growth and innovation.”

Rachael Hennigan concludes;

“The objective of these projects is clear yet significant: to equip individuals with advanced skills that open the door to improved employment opportunities, ensuring they are afforded every possibility to lead improved lives.”