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Hope for the Hopeless – Freshfields Animal Rescue Appeal

We urgently appeal to you to help us give the precious gift of Hope this Christmas to animals who otherwise have no hope at all.

We are facing an overwhelming demand due to the over population of pets and the continued financial pressures. Breeding is out of control with opportunist and illegal breeders using animals and then when considered of no use, literally throwing them away.

Animals are suffering, as people struggle to pay for the basics with no funds for healthcare, grooming or even sufficient food. Many animals are paying with their lives!

Too many that cannot secure rescue space are being abandoned, picked up by wardens and commonly PTS. Tragically Vets are being asked to put to sleep unwanted or unaffordable pets, and fearing of a worse outcome for the animal are doing so. It can see like there is no hope, but we can create hope. You are their hope – Together we are their hope.

Your support today can keep the door’s to safety open tomorrow, and ensure that we can:

  • Create new opportunities to be rescued through a concentrated Foster Care Recruitment Drive.
  • Keep doing our vital work daily – and do it well.
  • Give the animals the expert medical care they deserve whilst we work hard to build up their health and wellbeing and build their ability to trust in people again.

You can donate here today! Your donation made between 24th November – 8th December will be doubled again this year by a thoughtful and dedicated group of local businesses and supporters.

Find out more about Freshfields Animal Rescue below and see how you can support.