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King’s Speech Comments – Sean Keyes, Sutcliffe

Following on from the King’s Speech, Sean Keyes, Chief Executive at Sutcliffe, gives his expert thoughts:

“Everyone in the UK deserves to live in a decent, quality home; there should be nobody living in a mouldy or cold home, and it should be big enough to support the size of the family living in it. In reality, this means we need to build more homes, just as the government has promised to do so. Not only is this a significant benefit to the construction sector, but also for UK society in general.

“In regards to the nutrient neutrality rules, if we’re able to manage the environment and climate more easily without us having to go through complex planning consultations that don’t serve any advantage to increasing the number of homes built, then we need to implement these actions quickly to enable homes to be built without it adversely damaging the environment.

“Simply, we need more homes.”