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The Brain Charity Launches Sixmas Appeal to Raise £20,000

Donations to the Liverpool-based charity will be doubled between now and Christmas

As The Brain Charity’s Christmas appeal enters its final month, you can show double the love for those affected by neurological conditions.

Between now and Christmas Day, any donation up to £250 will be doubled. Help us beat our £20,000 target.

Living with a long-term health condition has always been expensive. The cost-of-living crisis has hit those with neurological conditions hardest.

One out of every six people is affected by a neurological condition. The Sixmas appeal focuses on supporting the 1 in 6 to improve their financial situation and become more confident in managing their money amid the cost-of-living crisis.

And every pound donated will be doubled by the Aviva Community Fund!

In 2019, disabled households faced an average of £583 in extra costs each month. In 2023, this figure skyrocketed to £975 every month.

These are not optional extras, they are the essential goods and services that enable people to live their lives.

• A person who has lost the use of their legs following a stroke needs a powered wheelchair to get round.
• Public transport is inaccessible for many people with disabilities, so they need to take more private-hire vehicles.
• Cold weather can exacerbate nerve pain, meaning someone with trigeminal neuralgia needs the heating on more often.

These are the costs that welfare benefits are supposed to cover; in practice, however, they do not go nearly far enough.

Pippa Sargent, CEO of The Brain Charity, said:

“No donation is too small. In fact, anything up to £250 is automatically doubled.

“Help some of the most vulnerable this Christmas by donating to The Brain Charity – any amount you can give will get us closer to our goal of £20,000.”

Aviva Community Fund

From now until the end of Christmas, every donation to The Brain Charity will be doubled through the Aviva Community Fund.

Up to £250 of every single donation will be matched, meaning your £25 donation will become £50.

This Christmas, please help us to support some of society’s most vulnerable people.
Our target of £20,000 will mean our Information and Advice service can continue to help those affected by neurological conditions manage and improve their finances.

This includes:
• Guiding them through the process of signing up for and using online banking services.
• Demonstrating to them how to pay bills online and compare bill prices using reputable comparison sites.
• Supporting them to apply for welfare benefits or hardship grants.
• Helping them understand the importance of budgeting.

Please donate to The Brain Charity here: