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Liverpool faith leaders to strengthen understanding

Leaders of Liverpool’s Jewish community have been invited to visit Britain’s oldest mosque on Wednesday 6th December as a gesture of good will and harmony between the two communities.

The Abdullah Quilliam Mosque, on Brougham Terrace, has invited Jewish faith leaders to visit the mosque so that further discussions can be held to understand the local impact of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Following the attack by Hamas on 7 October, convener of the city’s Faith Leaders’ Group, The Revd Canon Dr Crispin Pailing, Rector of Liverpool, has brought together representatives of Liverpool’s Jewish and Muslim communities to strengthen the dialogue between the faiths.

Wednesday’s visit will also be attended by Liverpool City Council Leader Cllr Liam Robinson.

The guests will have a guided tour of the mosque, opened in 1889, and then the faith leaders will have further talks to which the political representatives are invited to listen.

Max Marcus, Chair of the Merseyside Jewish Representative Council, said:

“We the Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities are united in our commitment to ongoing interfaith work as we know that with dedication we can continue to live and work in harmony as we have done, here on Merseyside, for generations.”

Ibrahim Syed from the Liverpool Region Mosque Network, said:

“Despite conflict in the Middle East and opposing views on some matters, we are all committed to long-term peace, and mutual respect between our faiths both here and abroad.

“May God grant us peace, understanding and wisdom in finding this.”

The Revd Canon Dr Crispin Pailing, Rector of Liverpool and convener of the Faith Leaders’ Group, said:

“The conflict in Israel-Palestine has a real impact on people in Liverpool, but it is also important that we continue to talk and work together.

“There is a huge amount of goodwill and friendship between people of different faiths in this region, and that allows us to hear the pain which we all experience as well.”