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Liverpool Hope University Students Impress at student Dragons Den

Liverpool Hope University recently hosted a Dragons Den for students, featuring members of the local business community as ‘Dragons’. Joining the lineup was Corporate & Commercial Lawyer and Partner at DTM Legal, Phil Whitehurst.

The event took place at the Business School, challenging Business Management Students to present innovative business ideas or products to a panel of industry experts.

The students had to put forward compelling business concepts and effectively pitch them to the experienced ‘Dragons,’ renowned professionals looking for entrepreneurial potential. This event served as a unique platform for students and provided them with valuable experience of presenting and pithing their ideas.

A notable feature of the event was the common thread woven through the student pitches—an eagerness to break away from traditional market channels. The emphasis on online sales and the influential role of social media in marketing were recurrent themes, reflecting the students’ forward-thinking approach. The diverse array of products showcased demonstrated the students’ creativity and determination to carve out a niche in the competitive business world.

Liverpool Hope University Business School played host to a wide array of unique ideas, and the students’ efforts did not go unnoticed. The pitches were not mere presentations; they were demonstrations of hard work, innovation, and a commitment to breaking away from the norm. The students are deserving of commendation for their impressive pitches that reflected their dedication and passion.

In his role as a Dragon, Phil Whitehurst joined a diverse panel of volunteers, bringing his expertise as a Corporate & Commercial Lawyer to the table. He aimed to help students to refine their ideas while offering encouragement to fuel their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. This underscores his commitment to fostering the next generation of business leaders.

Joining Phil on the panel were other distinguished ‘Dragons’ with their wealth of expertise, including Brian Ricketts, Senior Professional Tutor at Liverpool Hope University, Jan Peters, Founder and Owner of USP Creative, and Craig Marsh, Dean of Liverpool Hope University Business School. Together, the Dragons provided valuable insights and feedback to the aspiring entrepreneurs.

To find out more about Phil, his work and how may be able to assist aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs you can visit Phil’s profile on the DTM Legal website.