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LYVA Labs expands within Sciontec AI at The Spine

The LCR investment and innovation vehicle has more than doubled its office size within 18 months.

Sciontec AI customer, LYVA Labs, has agreed a three-year deal with Sciontec Developments Limited (Sciontec) to move into a larger private office, providing space for up to 20 desks.

Having been one of the inaugural customers when Sciontec AI was launched in April 2022 at The Spine, LYVA Labs has now outgrown its original 8-person office, having significantly expanded their team over recent months.

Thanks to its simple operational design and cost-effective model, Sciontec’s all-inclusive (AI) serviced workspaces give businesses the flexibility to move around the Sciontec portfolio with ease as their needs change. LYVA Labs is the latest organisation to benefit from this offer, having relocated to their new office suite last month.

Leanne Katsande, Head of Commercial at Sciontec, said:

“We have worked closely with the Royal College of Physicians to secure this deal with LYVA Labs, which will help future proof their ongoing expansion plans and ensure that they remain an integral part of our Sciontec AI community.

“Our Sciontec AI footprint within The Spine has itself expanded to accommodate this deal, which is testament to the popularity of our flexible, serviced space offer that is so highly sought after in the current market.”

This news comes just three months after Sciontec shared details of another Sciontec AI footprint expansion within The Spine, which is owned by Liverpool City Council and sits on its Paddington Village flagship development site, to accommodate a significant letting with the University of Liverpool.

With an ever-growing community of businesses, research institutes and innovation driven companies, the Sciontec AI workspace model is enabling organisations within the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool (KQ Liverpool) Innovation District to scale at pace, in turn creating new jobs and contributing to the city region’s economic growth.

LYVA Labs was set up in 2022 to support and fund entrepreneurs and innovators in the Liverpool City Region and deliver economic growth through the commercialisation of innovation. Since then, LYVA Labs has invested £705K in three life science start-ups, supported 15 start-ups to secure £6M from grants and other private investors, and enabled the creation of four new companies in the region. More recently they launched two new programmes that offer both financial and business support: their R&D Partnership programme, and a deep tech incubator.

Additionally, LYVA Labs has been funded by Innovate UK to run two pilot programmes: the Innovation Network for the LCR Advanced Manufacturing Launchpad and a national Microbials Accelerator as part of the Biomedical Catalyst programme, both of which will be delivered from their new Sciontec AI office.

Lorna Green, CEO of LYVA Labs, added:

“It is incredible to think how much we have scaled up over the past 12 months, and our new office suite marks the next step on our exciting growth journey.

“Being able to expand in Sciontec’s all-inclusive workspace at The Spine reduces the hassle of daily operations and gives us an amazing workspace from which to engage with key stakeholders and partners, whilst delivering innovation support and investment to businesses across LCR.”