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Mansimble Tea & Estate: Liverpool’s Haven for Rare Indian Teas

Elevate your tea game with Mansimble Tea & Estate! Rare, ethical and high-grade teas straight from Indian tea estates; grown from tea plants over 125 years old!

Liverpool, December 2023

Nestled in Liverpool, Mansimble Tea & Estate invites you on a journey into the world of rare Indian teas. Specialising in a wholesale/B2B model, they offer envelope teabags, hand-tied organic cotton teabags, and loose-leaf teas, captivating tea enthusiasts nationwide.

Limited Edition Retail Pack: A Symphony of Elegance and Flavour

Mansimble unveils a limited-edition copper tin retail pack, showcasing five organic hand-tied cotton teabags. Priced at £6 RRP or an exclusive £2.50 for orders over 50 units, this offering epitomises the excellence synonymous with Mansimble Tea & Estate.

Heritage of Taste: Multi-Award-Winning and Ethically Driven

With a legacy of over 150 years, Mansimble’s tea estates in India, housing plants over 125 years old, have earned them international acclaim. Recent accolades include the Leafies International Tea Award, endorsed by Fortnum and Mason’s and The Ritz, solidifying their place in high-end hotels across London and Scotland.

Tradition Meets Liverpool: Bridging Historical Links

Mansimble Tea & Estate proudly bridges the historical trade links between India and Liverpool. Each tea leaf embodies this connection, creating a fusion of cultures in every cup.

Exclusive Liverpool-Based Offer: Elevate Your Tea Experience

Liverpool-based businesses can enjoy a lifetime 20% discount on Mansimble’s full range. Immerse your clientele in high-grade, ethical Indian tea, exploring wild and herb infusions at a price comparable to current suppliers.

Embark on a Tea Journey: Meetings and Tasting Sessions

Discover Mansimble’s full tea range through personalised meetings and complimentary tasting sessions. Delve into the history and unique profiles of their teas, experiencing the artistry behind each blend.

Connect with Us: Brew Success Together

As Mansimble Tea & Estate expands its hometown presence, connect with us. Schedule a meeting or join a free tasting session to savour the elegance and flavour that define Mansimble Tea & Estate.

For inquiries and appointments, contact Ashlea Cromby at: