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Stronger Communities, Brighter Futures

“Andy Duff, Everton in the Community, explains why social value plays a critical role in attracting corporate partners.”

Everton in the Community has long been known across Liverpool City region for its pioneering and trailblazing approach in tackling social issues prevalent in an area (L4) which is one of the most socially deprived wards in the UK.

Widely acclaimed and recognised both regionally and nationally, the charity supports more than 20,000 people annually and delivers 60+ programmes and initiatives across three powerful pillars -EitC Minds, EitC Learns and EitC Thrives – which form the Trinity Project, Everton in the Community’s five-year strategic plan to create stronger communities and brighter futures across the region.

However, it was a piece of work with leading social value organisation, RealWorth back in 2020 which officially endorsed the breadth of the charity’s impact by calculating the value for money created by Everton in the Community as well as the wider benefit to society through the direct impact on people’s lives, the economy and the environment.

Everton in the Community’s Director of Income, Andy Duff looks at how social value plays a critical role when attracting and retaining corporate supporters and external funders:

“During these challenging economic times, philanthropic giving must provide a return on investment and a tangible benefit to the company’s overall business and CSR agenda. Today, there has to be a clear synergy around objectives and benefit to the communities in which it serves. Simply put, social value means getting more value out of every pound donated as opposed to what the government, local authorities and public bodies would spend without Everton in the Community’s life enhancing intervention programmes.”

Calculating Social Value

Socio-economic specialists RealWorth were commissioned by Everton in the Community to carry out an independent social value review on its work due to their unique evidence-based methodology approach. Unlike other similar companies, RealWorth established a framework for the ongoing monitoring and reporting of actual social value utilising actual detailed accounts from people in the area who had experienced change as a result of EitC’s programmes, policies and intervention. The methodology was based around seven critical factors: crime, health, wellbeing, employment, education & skills, savings and revenue and ecosystems/environment. These factors were analysed when working with stakeholders and people being in contact with EitC.

“The great work of Everton in the Community is nothing new, however the social value figure which currently stands at £29.86 after a review in 2022 – a notable increase from our first review in 2019 – – really does cement the incredible impact and reach of the charity’s work. This figure provides our funders with a robust and credible independent figure to demonstrate their commitment to the local community and aligns their support to something tangible. For example, Causeway Technologies, construction technology company donated £300,000 to the build of The People’s Place – EitC dedicated mental health facility. In real terms, their partnership has generated a staggering £8,958,000 to support those living with poor mental health.”

Working with Partners

The trend continues to rise for companies to engage in ‘good business’ whether this is part of wider ESG commitments, procurement and tender processes, perceived positive PR or purely to doing the right thing and working with Everton in the Community can act as a vehicle to achieve the above.

Whether a company is looking to support the charity through the delivery of a joint programme, funding an existing programme or simply choosing to support via a strategic partnership or Charity of the Year, EitC will provide regular detailed reports on social value and impact which businesses can utilise and talk about. In addition, it’s a cost-effective way to offset tax through a company philanthropic donation benefitting those who need help most within the community.

For further information on social value or supporting Everton in the Community, contact