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Strumming Together in Festive Harmony

The vibrant chords of 600 guitars will once again fill the iconic Great Hall in St George’s Hall as it welcomes back the highly anticipated ‘Big Guitar-In’ amidst the Christmas season on Wednesday 6th December 6th 2023.

Organised by The Florrie, in collaboration with St George’s Hall, the event promises an evening filled with harmonious melodies performed by 600 guitarists of all ages and skill levels. The musical ensemble will include a string quartet, a brass section and a choir, accompanied by esteemed special guests: The Bluebells, Brain Nash, Pete Wylie and Kerri Ankrah.

In June of this year, the inaugural guitar-in drew a crowd of 600 attendees who joyfully sang tunes such as “Save the Last Dance for Me,” “Stand by Me,” and concluded the event with an uplifting rendition of “All You Need Is Love.” The gathering received live coverage from the national press.

For those eager to join in this latest musical celebration, chord sheets for the night’s performances are available for download. The setlist includes renditions of iconic tunes such as “Be My Baby,” “Heart as Big As Liverpool,” and “The Power of Love.”

This event marks a remarkable culmination of musical talent and community spirit, celebrating the power of music to unite and uplift individuals during the busy Christmas period.

In addition to the performances, the event will offer the opportunity to purchase exclusive event posters and merchandise, with proceeds contributing towards The Florrie’s fundraiser for this remarkable musical gathering. To show your support visit their fundraiser page at

Only a limited number of tickets are left for guitarists, while all spectator tickets have been sold.

Doors will open at 5:15pm, with a start time of 6pm.

The event is part of St George’s Hall Christmas programme. You can see the full line-up of events here –

Angie Redhead Head of City Assets said:

“The Florrie Big Guitar-In at St. George’s Hall is such a great example of how relevant our iconic Hall still is to the city as here we are, almost 170 years after St George’s Hall first opened, still uniting communities, and fostering togetherness through music.

It may be cold outside, but gatherings like this make everyone feel warm inside – it’s a real testament to the power of culture, heritage and communal gatherings to lift the spirits and create lasting bonds, even more so when they take place within the stunning surroundings of our Great Hall.”

Timothy Tierney, Community Coordinator at The Florrie said:

“There’s nothing better than playing an instrument and singing with other people. Very good for social isolation, getting people together. Good for your mental health, very good for your well-being.”