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The Art of Line

‘The Art of Line’ showcases three dot-art Artist Members working in the illustrative, graphic and design arena of art. Their impressive line work and unique styles come together in ink drawings, prints and graphic patterns. A running theme in the practice of Weatherstone, Goodwin and Harrison is their character creation to tell a story.

Featuring Charlotte Weatherstone, Michael Goodwin & Stu Harrison.

In the work of Stu Harrison these futurist creatures break dance across the canvas amplifying the movement his line work creates and populating the world of ‘Beastly’, Stu’s artist persona.

Goodwin puts his characters in humorous scenarios and dialogues and accentuates their features with bold beehive hair, Pinocchio noses and chins that jut out of the page.

Weatherstone’s feminine characters are wrapped in long wavy hair, leaping around the page, cut straight from luxurious magazines spreads. Charlotte crafts collaged and printed spaces for them to roam.

Charlotte Weatherstone – I am an illustrator & designer from Liverpool. I studied Graphic Arts at Liverpool John Moores University, and currently work as graphic designer & illustrator. I enjoy using various mediums, and work on found objects, paper, wood, a computer and brick walls. I use anything from a pencil to spray paint. My background is graffiti and murals, so spray paint is always part of my creative journey. My work is centred around layering and mark making. I try to be spontaneous when creating work and try not overthink it – which is always a challenge! I use various techniques including print making & collage to create textural work and mix in fashion elements in as well.

Mike Goodwin – These images are intended to be humorous and reflect my own personal sense of humour, which is influenced by film, TV, music, comic art and ‘low comedy’ in general. The illustrations feature recurring characters because I think it makes it easier to create a humorous situation when you are familiar with the foibles of the main character. I tend to use quite a lot of text, which, for me, adds to the overall story. More is revealed upon closer inspection of the ink drawings.

Stu Harrison – I attempt to celebrate the importance and the influence of club and dance music culture, and visually represent volume, rhythm and the glorious chaos found in nightclubs and on dancefloors.

My work has been described as; “these rolling, boiling images see energy and abandon collide, sparking excitement, exuberant confusion and mind-expanding insights” My early inspirations were from the psychedelic artwork of the hippy generation, and then later from pop art, urban art and graffiti. This led me to design visuals and backdrops for the early rave scene at warehouse parties around Hackney. These influences can be seen I hope in the creation of “kinetic and synapse-sparking street style artwork.” Above all my work is about movement, the dance collective and boundless human energy.

All artworks are for sale.

Join us for the Private View of the exhibition on Thursday 8th February from 5pm-7pm.

All welcome, but please register here:

The dot-art Gallery can be found at 14 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4TX (just 5 minutes’ walk from Liverpool One).

Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-6pm

The exhibition runs 9th February – Saturday 30th March 2024.