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TransPennine Express Plans for the Future

In October, we published Making Journeys Better: A Prospectus which addresses some of the challenges we have faced as a business recently but importantly outlines the steps we are taking to make journeys better for all of our customers, delivering premium, sustainable and reliable connectivity across the North of England and into Scotland.

We will be focusing on three key areas:

  • Stabilising the operation to deliver better reliability and punctuality;
  • Re-engaging with our customers, colleagues and stakeholders, and;
  • Transforming our network through innovation and investment in better facilities

Ultimately, through each of these phases, in the coming years we will make significant changes to ensure trains run on time, give customers the best possible journey experience at stations and on trains and improve the business.

Through the long-term plan we will also deliver a number of short-term initiatives designed to give a better and more reliable service to its customers.

Those initiatives include a ticket sale to thank customers for sticking with us and to encourage others to travel by rail, temporary timetable and fleet amendments to simplify operations and boost reliability, improvements to our catering offer, a programme of toilet improvements on trains, the recovering of all seats on trains, and a refresh of the older trains to include the replacement of carpets and an interior deep clean.

You can view the document via our website using the following link:
Making Journeys Better | Our Plan for the Future| TransPennine Express (

Vicky Cropper-Clarke
Regional Development Manager