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Un-bell-ievable work to restore historic Mersey Ferries fog bell

  • Two local apprentices restore Mersey Ferries fog bell

  • 100-year-old fog bell chimes again

  • Liverpool City Region Combined Authority apprentices use fog bell restoration as real-life case study to earn apprenticeship – building teams for the future

Two Liverpool City Region Combined Authority apprentices have renovated a 100-year-old fog bell at Mersey Ferries Seacombe Terminal and reinvigorated a long-forgotten practice.

The Mersey Ferries fog bell, once used to help guide boats to shore in treacherous weather, has been given a new lease of life thanks to the dedication of two apprentices who were looking for a real-life case study to complete their apprenticeship with the Combined Authority.

Ross Bower, and Craig Hignett, the duo responsible for the mechanical upgrade, have created a video showcasing the hard work they undertook to restore a long-forgotten practice that forms yet another layer of the vast and varied history of the Mersey Ferries.

The work, which took several months to complete, involved sourcing antique parts from specialist sources and hours of painstaking labour to remove rust and old protective paint, before carrying out intricate work to piece the mechanism back together. That very mechanism has now been tried, tested and placed in a clear Perspex protective case where it will sit proudly for many years to come, and begin to sound the chime of its forgotten history once more.

Councillor Liam Robinson, Leader of Liverpool City Council, said:

“Radar has been used for many years, both on and offshore, to keep boats safe in reduced visibility, leaving the bell out of service for decades. It has been a great experience to witness the journey Ross and Craig have been on while restoring the fog bell. They’ve managed to bring to life a piece of history, as well as earning their apprenticeship which is an impressive outcome and one they should be very proud of.”