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Change Liverpool: Let’s make more of a change and make your help to go further

Change Liverpool is a chance to help people who are rough sleeping or may be homeless in Liverpool.

By donating to Change Liverpool, rather than to someone in the street, you’ll be directly helping those in need of support to get off the street and into new opportunities. We want to help to change the cycle of street begging with people supporting a more pro-active, long term alternative than the short term solution of handing over small change to an individual. If we are going to end rough sleeping then we need to provide solutions, not sticking plasters.

Donations will make a real change to someone who may be rough sleeping,

• Donating £1 pays for two cooked breakfasts for people rough sleeping.
• Donating £3 pays for travel to a persons new accommodation.
• Donating £5 a month provides boots and clothing to get someone into work.
• Donating £10 a month provides heating and warm showers for a week.

We’re encouraging Liverpool businesses to get involved by displaying the Change Liverpool logo, and texting ‘ChangeLiv’ to 70085 to donate £5.

The fund, is managed by the Community Foundation for Merseyside, where 100% of the donations collected go towards real and practical financial support for those moving on from rough sleeping. Our grants have already helped people with rent deposits and furniture.

The Change Liverpool network includes key organisations such as: Liverpool BID Company, the Community Foundation for Merseyside, Crisis, Liverpool Parish Church, Momentum, The Whitechapel Centre, Liverpool ONE, and other professionals who work with homelessness.

Crispin Pailing, from Liverpool Parish Church, said:

“Homelessness is something we cannot ignore and we all struggle with the right thing to do when asked for money. But giving £2 to someone on the street ultimately helps them stay on the street. We want you £2 to deliver targeted help to get people into homes and into work.”

Bill Addy, CEO of Liverpool BID Company, said:

“It’s critical we create safe environments for those at risk and what is important here is that with partners coming together it sees the city invest its energy into some of our most vulnerable citizens. Liverpool BID is very proud to be part of this network and host the coordinator because it shows the ability of business to champion support and projects that can provide sustainability and change lives. It is imperative that we are able to find alternative options to tackle rough sleeping in our city and its streets.”

If you want to learn more about Change Liverpool, visit their website or if you would like to get involved get in touch with Liverpool BID Company at