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Kimpton Celebrates Commitment to Sustainable Building Environments and Entertainment Excellence

Kimpton, a leading mechanical and electrical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialist, proudly announces its role in supporting Liverpool’s hospitality and leisure sector through its sponsorship of the ‘Best Entertainment Venue Award’ in the Liverpool City Region Tourism Awards being held later this month.

With over 60 years of expertise in enhancing building efficiency and incorporating the latest renewable technologies, Kimpton’s dedicated engineers contribute to reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

As the chosen maintenance partner for renowned establishments such as The Philharmonic Hall and the M&S Bank Arena and Exhibition Centre for ACC Liverpool Group, Kimpton is honoured to support the Best Entertainment Venue Award, showcasing its commitment to the entertainment and hospitality sectors in the Liverpool City Region.

Matt Breakwell, Business Development Manager at Kimpton, expressed enthusiasm for the city’s globally recognised reputation for delivering exceptional entertainment experiences:

“The entertainment and hospitality sectors are Liverpool’s front of house. They are often people’s first experience of this amazing city that we’re all so proud of. It’s vital that they deliver on the exceptional reputation Liverpool has, so the city and the sector continue to thrive and grow.”

While much of Kimpton’s work remains unseen by the public, the company plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of heating, lighting, and ventilation systems, as well as projects to assist in the decarbonisation of businesses through their mechanical and electrical systems, guaranteeing a memorable experience for patrons at entertainment venues.

Breakwell extended best wishes to all the finalists of this year’s awards, stating,

“From all of us at Kimpton, the very best of luck to all of this year’s finalists, and we’ll see you at the awards!”