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Shaping the LCR Freeport Academy’s Future

Connecting with your Future Workforce – A unique opportunity for businesses to influence the Academy’s development and access its skilled graduates.

Here at the Chamber, we are collaborating with Businesses to shape the Liverpool City Region (LCR) Freeport Academy, as part of the wider Local Skills Improvement Plan.

The Blueprint for the academy is based on coordinating training and skills provision across the city region through multiple providers – based on areas of specialism and filling gaps in training provision.

LCR Businesses are encouraged to engage in meaningful dialogue to inform the development of the Freeport Academy, and in particular its Skills Plan focussed on the fields of Port and Maritime, Logistics and Business & Professional Services.

We’re requesting 30 minute Individual Consultations with businesses: A half hour of your time (or a well-informed senior colleague) to explore specific skills requirements and challenges in relation to the Freeport.

This will give us the data required to inform the employer view we are seeking to represent in the development and delivery of the Freeport Academy.

These consultations will be led by our project partners at Amion Consulting. To book a session, please contact