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Response from the CEO of Sutcliffe on the government removing RAAC from all schools

Sean Keyes, CEO of Sutcliffe:

“Why shouldn’t our children go to quality schools? People have been aware of the issues around the RAAC crisis impacting our schools and hospitals for a number of years. For this reason, I welcome the government’s commitment to removing RAAC from schools in England and the rebuilding and refurbishment of over 200 schools across the country.

“In the slim chance that a RAAC roof collapses, then not only will it be unacceptable given how long this crisis existed, but the results could be catastrophic. Swift and comprehensive removal is essential, and adequate funding is required to prevent this from reoccurring.

“Currently, there are around 700,000 children being taught in unsafe or ageing buildings and there is really nothing more important than the safety of each child and staff member in our schools. For me, the RAAC crisis poses a wider issue, not only is safety thrown into question, but it has also posed a threat to education standards, leaving pupils unable to access the spaces they require to continue their studies. This disruption could have a profound effect on these children and their attainment and grades, creating a far-reaching issue beyond safety and quality concerns.

“Sutcliffe are industry experts in RAAC as recognised by the Institution of Structural Engineers.”