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Torus celebrates 50 years of dedication with longest serving team member, Bill

‘Enjoy what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life’ and for Bill, who has been working in the industry for 50 years, that advice seems to be something he has taken to heart.

Laughing, Bill said:

“Working across the business, I constantly hear ‘Bill, are you STILL here?’ and I just laugh as I’m a believer that when you stop you drop, and I’ve still got so much to do, so the ‘r’ word isn’t even on the cards for me yet!”

Having explored a number of careers during his tenure at Torus – and its many guises before amalgamating as the current Group in 2019 – Bill, in his time, has been a Painter and Decorator, Quantity Surveyor and now Developments Surveyor and is integral to ensuring all our new build homes are of the highest quality.

“Of all my roles, my current one is my favourite. I love seeing something through from start to finish and having an overview of an entire project. For me, it’s important that whoever eventually calls the houses we’re building home can feel the quality and knows how much effort the entire team have put in to making this property the best it can be,” continues Bill.

When asked ‘what’s kept you hooked all these years?’, Bill smiled and said;

“I want to get up for work and do a good job,” and after speaking to Bill, the pride he takes in his work is crystal clear; “but most importantly, I like the difference Torus is making to its communities through the houses it is building. It’s hard not to be motivated to do the best you can when ultimately, you’re building people’s homes and creating opportunities for even more families and young people to get on the housing ladder.”

As a staunch family man, father of two, grandfather of four and husband of 45 years, Bill’s dedication to his personal life is just as evident as his commitment to his career. “Work, for me as well as most, was a way to support my family but now I’m slowing down and my kids have flown the nest, it’s become about so much more. I’ve finally found the balance and work remains an important part of my life and it scares me to think about packing it in fully. I mean, who knows where I could be in another 50 years?”

With honesty and an appreciation for what you have cited as Bill’s guiding principles and his obvious zest for life apparent to everyone in the room, it’s wonderful to see his passion for not only work, but his life so clearly.

Discussing Bill’s fantastic achievement and celebrating his 50 years’ service, Torus Group Chief Executive, Steve Coffey, summarised:

“Bill is such a shining example of what hard work and a positive outlook can achieve and I am thrilled to be here with him to mark the occasion. Hearing all Bill’s stories from over the years and talking to colleagues – past and present – about how Bill has helped them is inspiring.

“He is very much part of the furniture here at Torus and his dedication to his current – and previous roles – is evident even now. His attention to detail, drive for perfection and commitment to our communities makes us all proud to work with him and I wish him luck in his next endeavour, whatever that turns out to be, but seeing as he’s in no rush to retire, I look forward to seeing him on one of his sites very soon!”

Torus launched Love Your Loyalty, a new long service scheme to recognise the efforts, hard work and long-term commitment of its colleagues. 356 colleagues from across the Torus Group have achieved a significant milestone in their career. Together, they have a combined total of 5680 years’ service between them which is a fantastic achievement.