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Trinity Logistics’ “Delivering The Power of Women” Event Sells Out, Raising Critical Funds for Secondary Breast Cancer Charity

Liverpool, UK – March 1st – Trinity Logistics is thrilled to announce its highly-anticipated event, “Delivering The Power of Women,” to celebrate International Women’s Day. This extraordinary occasion will take place on Friday, March 1st, 2024, from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the prestigious Gaucho in Liverpool.

“Delivering the Power of Women” is a sold-out event that promises to be an unforgettable afternoon filled with inspiring moments, delicious cuisine, and live entertainment. Guests will be greeted with welcome drinks and enjoy a sumptuous two-course lunch while being serenaded by live music. Radio City’s own Leanne Campbell will be your host for the day, adding her charismatic touch to the event.

The entertainment lineup is nothing short of spectacular, featuring renowned DJ Billie Clements and the enchanting local singer Rosalie Galvin, both of whom will keep the atmosphere vibrant and lively throughout the event. Guests will also be welcomed to the event to acoustic sounds by Liliana Ortega, one of Liverpool’s newest musical talents.

The highlight of the day will be an opportunity to hear Amanda Unsworth’s incredible career story, from her humble beginnings as a docker at Liverpool port at just 17 to becoming an international CPC transport manager. Amanda’s journey is a testament to her unwavering determination and resilience.

Experience the power of resilience and strength as Amanda, her colleagues and local Secondary Breast Cancer patients share their courageous stories at the event. Let their grace and determination uplift and inspire you.

Amanda’s connection to the cause of “Fighting to Be Heard” is deeply personal. Breast cancer has cast a shadow over her family, with her beloved Nan, Auntie (her mother’s older sister), and more recently, two of her mother’s sisters suffering from triple-negative breast cancer. The hereditary and genetic nature of this disease in her family has made Amanda a passionate advocate for this cause.

In the spirit of celebrating women and their strength, all proceeds from this sold-out event will be donated to the admirable charity “Fighting to Be Heard.” This charity is dedicated to raising awareness and providing financial support and friendship to individuals living with incurable secondary breast cancer. Amanda Unsworth, the visionary behind Trinity Logistics, is determined to leverage this event and raise £20,000 for their summer 2024 campaign. Her unwavering commitment to increasing their profile is truly inspiring

About Trinity Logistics:

Trinity Logistics is a shining example of a female-led business thriving in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Amanda Unsworth’s journey, which began as a docker in Liverpool, led her to establish Trinity Logistics in March 2017. Her remarkable story of passing the international CPC transport manager exam during maternity leave with a two-week-old baby and a husband working abroad is a testament to her tenacity and leadership.

Join us at the sold-out “Delivering the Power of Women” event on March 1st, 2024, to celebrate the achievements of women in the logistics industry, support the crucial work of “Fighting to Be Heard,” and honour Amanda Unsworth’s dedication to making a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

They are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the final amount raised through the fundraising event and the number of families who will benefit from the generosity of Liverpool business leaders and headline sponsors such as Peel Ports, MSC and Vibe HR. Not to mention the dedication and support from a large number of local businesses. The support of all sponsors has played a pivotal role in making this event a remarkable success.

Amanda Unsworth, MD, Trinity Logistics –

“Ahead of International women’s day on 8th March, we wanted to start the month off celebrating all things women.

The aim of the event is to highlight our industry and how its touches every business across the globe. We also want to bring more businesses together locally in Liverpool and shout about our amazing port.

I hope that my story will inspire at least 1 lady to take the next step in their career or towards their personal aspirations. ‘Reach for the Sky, you’re a Superstar!’

I have chosen to support the amazing charity ‘fighting to be heard’ because my family has been impacted greatly by breast cancer and I have 2 young daughters, so it’s very close to my heart.

This charity is unique and the work that they do is amazing, headed up by women suffering with secondary breast cancer.

It is important that we share our stories, support and encourage all ladies to check themselves regularly. We need to raise awareness.

Our event will be fun, sad at time but exciting. A bit of everything.

I am honored and overwhelmed to receive so much support. A huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored, bought a ticket, donated and given up time to make this day special.

Fighting to be Heard Charity – “Uniting Against Secondary Breast Cancer”

The Fighting to be Heard Foundation stands as a symbol of resilience and unity in the face of incurable secondary breast cancer, a form often overlooked. With a community of 55,000 patients in the UK fighting for recognition and support, this organisation is entirely volunteer-driven, with no paid employees. Most of its Trustees are secondary breast cancer patients themselves.

In March 2023, the charity was launched and gained significant visibility by featuring on the “Real Housewives of Cheshire.” Since then, they have been making a tangible difference, providing crucial financial support to over 100 families during the summer and, more recently, in winter. Their efforts included distributing £500 grants to over fifty families before Christmas, offering a lifeline during challenging times.
At the core of this movement is a determination to ensure that the voices of the secondary breast cancer community are heard and acknowledged.

Kathryn Gordon Orr, Charity Chair, Fighting to be Heard Foundation –

“We extend our heartfelt thanks to Amanda of Trinity Logistics for her generous support, which has made ‘The Power of Women’ event possible. Amanda’s dedication to our charity and her inspiring story will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact. We also want to express our deepest gratitude to the local Liverpool business community and sponsors, whose support has been instrumental.

We eagerly anticipate the powerful stories shared on the day from secondary breast cancer patients, from our Charity. We’re celebrating our first birthday this month and the achievements of our charity so far. Thanks to Amanda, Trinity Logistics Team and special mention for Lesley Theadorus, women from across the UK will join us. Together, we’ll ensure our communities’ voices are heard and continue to make a difference.”


For those interested in exploring sponsorship opportunities or seeking more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Lesley Theadorus at or call 07949271419.

To make a donation: Lesley Theadorus is fundraising for Fighting to be Heard (

Your involvement can make a significant impact in our mission to support “Fighting to Be Heard” and its crucial work in the fight against breast cancer.