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We need your views: Quarterly Economic Business Survey is now open!

The QES (Q1) survey is now open and we would really welcome your support in both completing and promoting the survey to your wider networks. The QES provides key data used by the Treasury, Bank of England and other senior decision makers. The survey closes on 7th March and only takes a few minutes. You can access it here.

The collection of local data is essential to the work we do around policy, working with partners across the city region.

As part of the LCR Freeport, a LCR Freeport Academy is being proposed to coordinate training across providers and help existing and new businesses fill skill gaps, support career pathways, and attract investment to the region. In this QES therefore, we have included five questions the responses to which will support development of the Academy. If you would like to see more information about the Freeport more generally please click here.

From previous QES results, we know 76% of firms attempting to recruit have faced difficulties due to a lack of skilled candidates so this is a great opportunity to make a positive impact on the development of Liverpool’s local skills system.