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Business Council Celebrates Policy Progress

The BCC’s ‘Future of the Economy’ initiative was the focus of the latest Business Council meeting, held earlier today, alongside Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds.

The body, featuring some of the most prominent British companies, has been brought together to discuss the major challenges facing business and to guide BCC policy work.

‘The Future of the Economy’ project is the centrepiece of the BCC’s current policy work, focused on the 5 key challenges facing the country. So far in 2024, three major reports have been published with significant Business Council input covering ‘Green Innovation’, ‘People and Work’ and ‘Local Economy of the Future’. Later this month the ‘Global Britain’ report will be launched, with the ‘Digital Revolution’ document unveiled in the coming months.

Council members took part in a question-and-answer session with the Shadow Business Secretary on Labour’s plans for business and the economy. They also discussed the policy reports published so far, and the next steps.

BCC President and Business Council Chair, Baroness Martha Lane Fox, said:

“Business Council members are playing a crucial role in our policy work here at the BCC, in close partnership with our Chamber network.

“Our ‘Future of the Economy’ initiative is already setting out clear and realistic recommendations to all politicians. And there’s more to come, in the coming weeks and months.

“In this crucial political year, businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking for reassurance that the economy will remain the number one priority.

“We were pleased to welcome the Shadow Business Secretary, Jonathan Reynolds MP, to our meeting this morning. Council members were able to directly question and scrutinise Labour’s plans for business.

“Our Business Council is continuing to deliver for major firms who want representation rooted in local communities across our UK wide Chamber network”.