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Penne-alty! Liverpool FC stars make pasta to support female small business owners for International Women’s Day

Liverpool, UK – Liverpool FC stars Sofie Lundgaard, Yana Daniëls and Marie Höbinger get hands-on at an Italian pasta making class hosted by local female-run business, Flour Will Fly, to celebrate International Women’s Day, in a new campaign with VistaPrint.

In the campaign, the three players learn how to make authentic Italian pasta from scratch as part of Liverpool FC’s continued partnership with VistaPrint which aims to empower local small businesses by promoting them on the global football stage. The partnership includes ‘work experience’ initiatives to spotlight small local shops in the city. As part of the most recent campaign, VistaPrint has gifted £3,000 to help Flour will Fly with its equipment refresh to contribute to its growth.

In the video, the Liverpool FC stars reflect on their power as female role models;

“We love to support other women and encourage brave women to be themselves”, says Höbinger. They also mention the growing support for the women’s game. Höbinger says, “It is so nice to see [so much] excitement for us playing football”. “They scream really loud”, Daniels adds.

Sofie Lundgaard, said:

“Paola is a real inspiration and a fantastic example of a strong, independent, and dedicated female role model. Her passion for what she does really shines through.

“We had so much fun during her class and it’s great to see VistaPrint supporting and showcasing her small business.”

Yana Daniëls, added:

“I really enjoyed my work experience with VistaPrint and Flour Will Fly to mark International Women’s Day. It’s clear to see why Paola’s small business is such a success – her skill and passion to teach others is really inspiring.”

Sabine Léveiller, VP Marketing Europe at VistaPrint said:

“Small businesses play a vital role in the economic and social fabric of the Liverpool area. They contribute to job creation, support local suppliers and producers, and add diversity to the retail landscape. Small businesses like Flour Will Fly bring character, innovation, and personalised services to communities, heavily contributing to job creation, fostering connections and enriching the overall quality of life. VistaPrint is proud to support female-run small businesses across Liverpool and the UK to help them accelerate their growth.”

Paola Paulucci, Founder of Flour Will Fly, said:

“Running a small business is not just a profession; it’s a deeply personal journey of passion, resilience, and dedication. For me, it’s about turning dreams into reality and creating a positive impact within my community. Every day presents its own set of challenges, but it’s the unwavering support from our customers, local community, and partners like Liverpool Football Club and VistaPrint that fuels our success.”