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Stagecoach and Merseyside Police TravelSafe Team Collaborate “Crucial Crew” Safety Event, Focusing on Bus Safety for Young Children

In a concerted effort to educate young children about safety while commuting, Stagecoach took part in Crucial Crew event alongside the Merseyside Police TravelSafe team.

The safety event at Childwall TA Barracks, is aimed to equip children with essential knowledge and skills to ensure their safety while traveling on Stagecoach buses, particularly as they prepare to enter high school.

The latest sessions, held at Childwall TA Barracks on Monday 11th March 2024, provided an interactive platform for students approaching the age of transition to high school in September. Children were invited to explore one of Stagecoach’s buses, providing them firsthand look at it’s layout and features. Additionally, they had the opportunity to talk to the team and ask questions about bus safety. Staff also distributed informative leaflets containing top safety tips for traveling on Stagecoach buses, reinforcing key safety practices.

The recent event marked a significant step in promoting safety awareness. Stagecoach Bus are actively considering extending similar activities during the upcoming summer holidays.

Plans are underway for similar activities to take place during transition days or summer camps that schools often run for the next round of year 7’s entering their school.

Simon Tramalloni, Interim Operations Director commented:

“This initiative underscores our commitment to promoting safer travel practices. We understand the importance of educating children about the significance of safety while travelling by bus, and events like this help embed this early in their travelling experiences.”

The collaborative effort between Stagecoach and Merseyside Police TravelSafe team, highlights a shared dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers. Through initiatives like “Crucial Crew,” the organisations continue to play an active role in promoting a safer and more secure travel environment for all.