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Take on the Arctic Survival Challenge for Nugent!

Join Nugent for their Arctic Challenge from the 2nd to the 9th of March 2025 for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Sweden’s breathtaking wilderness.

Imagine eight days in the middle of Sweden, set in a stunning and pristine wilderness environment, miles from anywhere. This once in a lifetime challenge combines your ability to adapt to and live in the heart of this environment, as well as experience tranquillity, and relaxation under the stars of the Arctic; all while raising money for the most vulnerable individuals and families across Merseyside.

What to expect:

  • Husky Driving: Take the reins and guide your team of huskies through the pristine snow-covered landscapes.
  • Ice Fishing: Discover the art of ice fishing as you try your hand at catching fish beneath the frozen surface.
  • Shelter and Snow Hole Building: Learn essential survival skills by constructing your shelters and snow holes in the challenging Arctic environment.
  • Two-Day Survival Phase: Cap off your adventure with a challenging two-night survival experience, testing your resilience in the Arctic wilderness. You will be extremely well briefed with lectures and demonstrations on many aspects of survival and will get the opportunity to put what you learn to the ultimate test. For the second night you will sleep in shelters that are constructed from the natural resources, that you will spend the day constructing. The third nights sleep will be in a snug snow hole, again that you have built. Other skills that will be learnt are making and setting traps from natural resources, fire lighting to keep the chill out of the air, water purification and shelter construction. All these skills will stand you in good stead were you ever in this situation again.

Who can take part in the Arctic Challenge?

The Arctic Challenge is open to everyone but is ranked as ‘tough’. It is recommended to follow a physical fitness plan before the trek, including walking, cross training and building upper body strength. This is because the activities will be physically demanding at times (5-7 hrs per day) and involves cross-country skiing, husky driving, digging snow holes and being out in the cold for long periods of time.

When you sign up, there will be opportunities to receive tailored training programs to prepare you for this unforgettable journey.

Fundraising- costs and funding Options

With your support we will create opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds with our latest initiative, ‘Our Future Now’.

‘Our Future Now’ is built upon four pillars, each addressing a critical aspect of transforming lives. The four pillars of employability, accommodation, poverty alleviation and memorable experiences will really make a difference in the lives of many in our community.

There are 2 options for covering the cost of the challenge:

Self Funded:
• Pay £1995 and fundraise a minimum of £1000.
• A registration fee of £100 is required to secure your spot.

• Fundraise £3000, covering the cost of the trip and meeting the minimum fundraising target.
• Secure your spot with a registration fee of £100.

Ready to take on the adventure of a lifetime?

Contact our fundraising team at, where we can share more information and provide support to register!

Don’t miss this chance to create lasting memories while supporting Nugent’s mission to make a positive impact in the community.