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Hayden opening up for youth hub at the Southport jobs fair

To all supportive employers please read and give this fabulous young man the opportunity he deserves.

“Hello my name is Hayden can I tell you my story and why I believe people with disabilities have a lot to offer employers. I was born with a disability which effects the right side of my body, I have issues with balance and it is hard to use my right hand.

I have had a number of work experience opportunities. Each of these I have entered with the excitement of learning new things and helping people. What you will find with disabled people is we just want to have a chance. We all have our own skills and things we are passionate about and mine is helping people. I might not be able to do some physical things but I can do jobs in Customer Service.

Some work experience and voluntary positions left me frustrated as most of my placements wanted me to do things that were difficult given my disability. This made me feel like I was set up to fail but I always tried my best. I have since had a couple of work experience roles in customer service where I felt very comfortable and was not asked to do things I couldn’t. Yes, I have a disability but given the chance I will prove to you that you will not find a harder working or loyal employee.

Unfortunately, all placements came to an end when the organisation moved on to the next work experience person. This left me feeling disappointed that I was seen as nothing other than a cheap employee for a short time. Thank you for listening”.