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Host & Stay Wins Sustainability Award at The Shortyz 2024

Host & Stay, a leading holiday let management company, has been honoured with the Sustainability Award at The Shortyz 2024. This recognition underscores Host & Stay’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence in the hospitality industry.

The Sustainability Award is presented to businesses that excel in various aspects of sustainability, including identification of sustainable market opportunities, resource allocation, growth strategies, managing business change, and achieving strong commercial performance and financial results.

Katy Davies, Head of Purpose and Sustainability at Host & Stay said:

“We are incredibly honoured to receive the Sustainability Award at the 2024 Shortyz Awards”

“This achievement is a testament to our team’s dedication and hard work. At Host & Stay, we believe that sustainability is not just a responsibility but a core value that drives our business forward.”

The award win aligns seamlessly with Host & Stay’s recent launch of ManageGreen within their property management packages. ManageGreen is an initiative driven by a conscious effort to bring sustainability to the forefront of holiday let management, while also providing a multitude of benefits for property owners and guests alike.

As part of their ManageGreen service, Host & Stay have partnered with brands such as Who Gives A Crap, Wonky Coffee, EnviroRental, Eight Versa, Ecologi and GreenTheUK to ensure that their operations are aligned with sustainable practices. Host & Stay are also making tangible strides towards reducing their ecological footprint by replacing consumables with eco-friendly alternatives and working to eliminate single-use plastics.

Another part of Host & Stay’s ManageGreen offering is resiAIR™, a cutting-edge technology designed to optimise energy usage. Using WiFi-enabled sensors, resiAIR™ intelligently regulates lighting and heating systems based on guest occupancy resulting in significant cost savings, reduced emissions, and enhanced guest comfort.

By setting a new standard for holiday let management, Host & Stay are proving that environmental sustainability and exceptional hospitality can coexist harmoniously. The recent Sustainability Award win is a testament to Host & Stay’s steadfast commitment to their ESG strategy and underscores sustainability, social responsibility, and operational excellence within their core values.

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