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Pleavin Power supporting businesses through some of their darkest hours

Liverpool, 2024 – In an era where uninterrupted power is vital, Pleavin Power stands at the forefront, supporting businesses during their most critical moments.

Specialising in a comprehensive range of power solutions, Pleavin Power ensures that hospitals, data centers, universities, manufacturing sites, and petrochemical facilities never experience a moment without power.

Unwavering Support for Essential Services

Pleavin Power understands the catastrophic impact of power outages on essential services. Since their inception in 2019, they have received thousands of calls from businesses suffering power outages at all hours of the day. Hospitals rely on a steady power supply to perform life-saving procedures, data centers need uninterrupted power to protect critical information, manufacturing sites require constant energy to maintain production lines, and petrochemical facilities depend on reliable power to ensure safety and efficiency. Their commitment and support to these sectors are unwavering, as demonstrated by their 24/7 nationwide customer service.

“Our mission at Pleavin Power is not only to be the trusted partner that businesses turn to in their darkest hours but also to be the reliable company they consider for their ongoing power solutions” said Jack Pleavin, CEO of Pleavin Power. ”

I started this business at age 22 because I was completely passionate about delivering the best customer service to businesses. We are dedicated to delivering dependable power solutions and helping our clients implement contingency plans to ensure smooth operations at all times.”

A ‘One Call Does It All’ Approach

Many of Pleavin Power’s clients come to them with highly specific issues that need resolving. Whether it’s a generator that requires a complete repair, the installation of a brand-new generator, or the need to shut off the power in a building for several days without incurring significant costs, Pleavin Power can help. With just one phone call, their expert engineers take the time to understand the requirements and are often on the road within the hour. This streamlined process ensures that businesses can focus on their core operations while Pleavin Power takes care of their power needs.

Their services encompass a wide array of power solutions to meet the diverse needs of their clients. These range from generator servicing and repairs to ensure optimal performance, to the implementation of sophisticated control systems and remote monitoring for proactive management. Additionally, they provide emergency power solutions to tackle unexpected outages and temporary power setups for planned events or maintenance, ensuring that their clients always have a reliable power source at their disposal.

Pleavin Power supports a diverse range of businesses across the UK with their tailored, 24/7 nationwide support.

As a new member of the Liverpool Chamber, they are delighted to offer a FREE Power Resilience Survey to fellow members. They are on a mission to ensure businesses don’t experience their darkest hour.

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